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We take the sanitary changes that have occurred during the year 2020 seriously. Our cleaning teams and those of the various owners are trained and know how to fully adapt to sanitary needs. When the properties are cleaned, they are disinfected and aired out to ensure no contamination.


We provide disinfectants and masks so that you can use them during your stay.

The entire tourism industry has suffered greatly from this pandemic, inhabitants, traders, hoteliers and restaurateurs in very touristic regions find themselves without customers and therefore, without work, that is why we will put forward a number of small businesses, restaurateurs and people affected by covid. The aim of this is, one hand, increase their visibility in order to help their sales and on the other hand, to tell their story and give them an opportunity to be heard.

If you are in this situation and want to tell us your story and want us to share photos, products, menu etc. on our social networks and on our blogs, please send us a message at


Despite everything, we want to continue traveling and wish for Paradinest guests do the same. It is by creating connections, by sharing with each other that we will create a better world.

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