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The rental is made under the ordinary and legal conditions in such matters and in particular to those below that the tenant undertakes to perform, under penalty of all damages:


  1. Occupy the premises only bourgeois, the exercise of any trade, profession or industry being formally prohibited, the tenant acknowledging that the premises covered by this contract are only let to him as a temporary residence and pleasure.

  2. Obligation to live in the premises "with a good father" and to maintain them. All the installations are in working order and any complaint concerning them occurring more than 24 hours after the entry into use of the premises cannot be accepted. Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental will be the responsibility of the tenant.

  3. Obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighbourhood is not disturbed by the fact of the tenant or his family.

  4. Respect the accommodation capacity of the home.

  5. Do not bring any animals into the rented premises

  6. Except as otherwise provided herein, do not move the furniture included in this rental without the agreement of the lessor; furniture moved to be replaced at the end of the rental, in the premises where it is usually located.

  7. Not be able to substitute for any person whatsoever, nor to sublet, in whole or in part, even free of charge, the rented places, except with the written agreement of the lessor.

  8. Refrain from throwing in the sinks, baths, bidets, sinks objects likely to obstruct the pipes, failing which the tenant will be liable for the costs incurred for the return to service of this equipment.

  9. The tenant agrees to take out insurance against rental risks (fire, water damage). The lack of insurance, in the event of a claim, will give rise to damages. The owner undertakes to insure the accommodation against rental risks on behalf of the tenant, the latter having the obligation to notify him within 24 hours of any disaster occurring in the accommodation, its outbuildings or accessories.

  10. The tenant must notify the lessor as soon as possible of any damage affecting the home, its furniture or its equipment. Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental will be the responsibility of the tenant.

  11. Authorize the lessor, or any third party appointed by him for this purpose, to carry out, during the rental period, any urgently required repairs. The tenant will not be able to claim any reduction in rent in the event that urgent repairs falling to the lessor appear during the rental.

  12. The tenant will not be able to oppose the visit of the premises, when the owner or his representative makes the request.

  13. The tenant agrees to waive any recourse against the lessor in the event of theft and depredation in the rented premises.

  14. In the event of a dispute, the Lyon court alone will be competent.

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